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Video Enhancements

Take your base Video service and make it yours by adding any of the custom video add-ons below!

30-40 Minute Long Form Video $495

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Comprehensive Full-length Video

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Second Filmmaker with Drone $595

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Two-angle coverage for 4 hours, enhanced with cinematic drone footage

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Drone $400

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Enhance your footage with cinematic drone footage

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Sneak Peek Edit $150

Can't wait to relive the biggest moments of your day? Our Sneak Peek gives you a 60-90 second trailer of your upcoming wedding edit, ideal for sharing with friends and family and on social, available about 2 weeks after your event!

Original Video Files $150

Original, uncompressed, and unformatted video files straight out of the camera, delivered on USB. Intended for use by those with video editing knowledge in conjunction with video editing equipment.

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