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Our favorite ideas and styles and tips, straight from our desk to yours.
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Engagement Session Tips

Check out all of the Fall feels for Desiree & Anthony’s Engagement Session in New Jersey and our tips for planning your engagement session.

1. Being outdoors with natural light is always ideal! Be sure to schedule your session during golden hour so you can get dreamy sunset pics.

2. Forget matchy, matchy and go for effortlessly coordinated by choosing complimentary outfits with a consistent color palette.

3. Plan a quick change! By swapping out their sweaters and shoes, Desiree & Anthony were able to capture an additional set of images.

4. Props and decor are a great way to personalize your engagement session! Pumpkins, blankets, balloons, signs and symbols add the perfect touch of whimsy.

5. Have a shot in mind for your save the dates or thank you cards! Desiree & Anthony painted pumpkins with their wedding date.

Photographer: By Ashlee S.

Picture Perfect Portraits

Every couple wants dreamy wedding portraits! Here are some tips for getting those picture perfect images on your big day.

1.) Hire a photographer whose style you love! Some photographers have a more formal style geared towards traditional posed portraits while others shoot documentary style, capturing candid moments as they happen. If you’re somewhere in the middle, a photojournalistic photographer may be the right fit for you. While they give some direction, they let the shots happen naturally, often having the couple walk, talk and laugh as they are shooting.

2.) Make sure you click with your photographer. It’s important for you to feel comfortable with the person who will be capturing so many intimate moments. At The Pros, we encourage you to have a one on one consultation with your photographer so you feel good about your choice. An engagement session is also a great way to build a rapport with your photographer. The key to getting great pics is being relaxed and confident in your professional.

3.) Shooting outdoors with natural light is always the best option. Nothing is better then nature as a backdrop. Take some time to scope out possible portrait spots at your location and keep in mind if it’s a sunny day, you’ll need to find some shade to shoot in to get the best images. If your venue doesn’t have many outdoor options or it’s a rainy day, have a back up plan for shooting indoors. If you’re not sure what the best option is, no worries! Our Pros are seasoned photographers and can scope out a picture perfect portrait spot at any venue!

Venue: Morris Arboretum
Photography by Ben D., Philly Branch

Boudior Battle- Does Your Photog's Gender Matter?

Boudior photography is a super hot (pun intended) trend, and why not? You feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day, "nails done, hair done, everything did", and that goes a long way in boosting your confidence to take some seductive photos for your future Mister. But who is better to capture you at your sexiest-- a male photographer or a female one? We asked two of our lovely Wedding Advisors, Nadine and Renee, to weigh in on this steamy topic…

Nadine's Side (Go Girl!)

Who knows a woman's body better than another woman? A woman will know how to make you feel more comfortable since she can relate. She can also help with make-up and costume changes (if you want a few options for your hubby-to-be). Plus if you do want to switch up your outfits or try different poses with different layers, you can do that right in front of her and feel ok, AND have more time to take photos instead of dealing with "Come in! Now leave. Now come in again!" A female photographer can capture the soft and sensual side of a boudoir shoot by making it feel intimate. Most of all, your overall comfort level will be much higher with a female, and that is a big part of showing off your relaxed and sexy side, which is probably the one your man wants to see most of all!

Renee's Side (Girl, Bye!)

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, so a male photographer will see the female body differently than a female photographer would (in a good way!). I have experience with a New Jersey photographer that is very successful in creating a set of tasteful sensual and sexually suggestive images for his brides to show off to their husbands. And he does is all by allowing the bride to be super comfortable with each step of the process! He makes sure the bride is relaxed in the room before he comes in to do the boudoir shots. He also shows the bride other boudoir shots he has taken and recommends one of her bridesmaids be in the room while he shoots them so she feels totally at ease. I think that women often perform differently in front of a male photographer than they do in front of female ones. Men can bring out that extra boost of sexiness in a woman- her poses may naturally be more seductive, without being sleazy. And hey, every woman wants to feel sexy on her wedding day!

So there you have it…who would you choose to bring out YOUR sexy side?


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