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Our favorite ideas and styles and tips, straight from our desk to yours.
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Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

It’s inevitable that there will be a few little ones running rampant around your wedding reception. The key to keeping them happy and out of trouble is keeping them entertained. Having a designated kids table or space that is packed with things to do is the perfect way to ensure the little ones are well cared for and the parents can enjoy the evening. Here are our tips for creating the perfect kids night out.

1. Kids Table - Creating a themed kids table will add to the excitement of attending the wedding for little ones. The theme could be anything from Disney to Summer fun. Decorate the table to match your theme and provide lots of activities for both the boys and girls. Keep them busy with games, coloring books, arts and crafts and food!

2. Entertainment - Ask the venue if there is a nearby room or space to have entertainment for the kids. Having a balloon artist or face painter is a great way to break up the night, especially if you have lots of kids attending. You can also stage a mini movie theater so the children can crash and enjoy a movie or fall asleep until the party ends.

3. Supervision - Now that you’ve got a full evening planned, you will most definitely need supervision. This could come in the form of hired babysitters or a task delegated to teenage relatives. Having 2 supervisors is best so there is always one to keep an eye on the children and the other one to go and hunt down a parent if needed.

Big Bridal Party? Big Advice.

Since your wedding is such a big deal, you might want to bring in a big bridal party to celebrate the champagne toasts and join in on the joy. This day is kind of a huge deal, so of course you want all of your besties by your side, right?

But how do you make sure that more bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t change your wedding album from picture perfect to a perfect disaster?

More People = Make More Room

As a good rule of thumb (and ring finger), if your bridal party has more than eight people, you’ll need more room, not only in the schedule and the budget, but also in the physical space. And since larger groups take more time, you’ll want to save seconds anywhere you can. An easy way to manage the minutes? Fit everyone in as few vehicles as possible (to avoid people getting lost on the way to the photoshoot). Building in extra time and space gives you extra reassurance and spares you the unease that comes with worrying about the unexpected. Also consider taking your bridal party shots outside- nature certainly doesn't have a lack of room for lots of people :)

More people doesn’t have to mean more stress, and when you plan ahead, you’ll be able to focus on how to make your wedding vows wow everyone (and not leave a single dry eye in the house), not to mention have an amazing time with your best buds at your side.

Looking for some fun ideas to make your friendly formals pop? Take a que from some of these bridal parties…they know what's up.

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