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Our favorite ideas and styles and tips, straight from our desk to yours.
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Keep Your Guests Dancing All Night Long

When it comes to creating the perfect party atmosphere, having a professional DJ & MC is a must! Our DJ’s are seasoned entertainers and produce hundreds of weddings a year at the top local venues. They are the epitome of professionalism, receive rave reviews and have getting a crowd up and moving down to a science! Check out our tips for planning your wedding day jams.

1. Plan ahead! Don't find yourself being introduced for the first time as husband and wife to a song you don’t even know or like! Our music checklist makes it easy for you to choose all your songs for everything from the first dance to the cake cutting.

2. Choose music for the crowd. At The Pros, we allow you full control of your music. However, your personal playlist may not necessarily be appropriate for dancing and may not appeal to the variety of guests at your reception. So be sure to choose genres that will appeal to everyone and popular dance tunes!

3. Trust the professional. Allow them to read the crowd and have some flexibility with the song choices. Give your DJ a sense of the type of music you like, genres you prefer and the type of crowd you expect. Our DJ’s have a huge selection of music that covers generations of songs and genres. Allowing the DJ some creative freedom also enables them to feel out and engage the crowd and keep them up and dancing.

4. Don’t rely on a friend. Having a friend or family member man the DJ booth or relying on an iPod station for your wedding reception is risky business. This is a huge responsibility and can cause a lot of stress for all parties involved. Not to mention, nothing shuts down a dance floor like a lag in music, a technical glitch or an inappropriate song choice.

5. Say yes to choreographed dances! Line dances, the congo line and dance offs are not a bad thing! No one wants to admit how much fun they are but it’s amazing how quickly that dance floor fills up when those classics start playing.

Image by: Ben D.

Venue: Lucien's Manor, NJ

Wedding Costs Are Going Down!

The days of budgeting $30-40,000 for your wedding thankfully seem to be at an end! Ok, we aren’t saying that throwing a fabulous fete is going to cost you nothing, but the great news is that the industry finally seems to be on trend with the rest of the universe. Don't believe us? Just watch.

According to, the average wedding cost in the United States is currently $25,200, BUT most couples can spend less than $10,000.

Here’s a handy dandy graph of what the “average” wedding costs look like:

Ok, breathe. Let’s get through some of these items together…believe me, there is light at the end of this (somewhat expensive-looking) tunnel!

The good news here- there are some very simple ways to cut down this number. Saturdays are going to cost the most, especially in the prime months of May, June, September, and October. So why not shoot for a Friday or Sunday? Another option could be a fabulously trendy cocktail reception (let’s be honest, cocktails make everyone feel fancy. Another Gimlet please, govna’)…

Have a friend or family member who lives for “The Wedding Planner” and “Say Yes to the Dress”? Have her make phone calls on your behalf, coordinate with the people you are working with on a timeline, go through the music together, make it fun! Most venues provide a day-of coordinator within your wedding package, so he or she will run point on the big day as well. To be fair, there are most definitely situations where a professional would come in handy, so think realistically about how much time you have to devote to your planning before entirely nixing this option.

Photography & Video
Almost $3k for Photo and Video? Get out of town. There is no way that you need to break the bank on these services but still get the beauty and quality you deserve. Several studios out there offer both of these, so be on the lookout for companies that offer combined package discounts. Also, why not register for your services (people do it for honeymoons all the time)? And goodness knows you probably don’t need a 3rd toaster…
There are also some major advances to going with a larger studio as well- more resources, a larger staff selection, emergency backup services (just in case never hurts). Not to mention that the proof is in the pudding with countless happy couples being served throughout the year. Obviously we are big advocates of The Pros of course, but there are also some other wonderful companies out there that have the same scale, like Bella Pictures, Complete, Classic, Wedding Bug, and George Street.

There are some pretty stellar websites out there that offer absolutely beautiful and custom invitations like Wedding Paper Divas and Minted. Also instead of paying a calligrapher for your envelopes (which people throw away anyway), you can purchase an elegant font from or and print your envelopes, or just have an address party with your best buds who have killer handwriting!

People remember a few key things from weddings they attend, and the music is most definitely one of them! You can absolutely find a perfect DJ & MC (don’t let the industry puppet masters fool you, one person CAN do both!) for under $1,200 and still get exactly what you want. Even better, if everything is in the same location, one person can still do it all. Have soft classical music for your ceremony, retro jams for cocktails, and a dance party for your reception…the right DJ will tailor to you and your vision, and for less green than you would imagine.

How’s that breathing coming? See, it CAN be done! Let’s face it, $30k is a car, a down payment on a house, or a huge student loan payoff, and that kind of money is daunting for even the most flush couples. You can still throw the wedding of your dreams with a few of these tricks and no one else will be the wiser (except you, who should be patting yourself on the back for being so smart!) And remember, this is what it's all about:


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