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Fluffy the Flowergirl or Rover the Ringbearer?

The world is divided into two groups…dog people and cat people. Admit it, you know instantly which category you fall into within two seconds, right? And no matter which you choose, you only need eyeballs to know that pets at weddings, dressed up and adorable to the max, are pretty much the cutest things you have ever seen. But which species rules the aisle? We took to the office and asked two of our most passionate Pro-pup and Crazy-for-kitties Wedding Advisors, Young and Kimmy, to weigh in on the grrrrreat debate.

Young's Side
When it comes to weddings, dogs rule! He can walk down with the Ring bearer or the Flower girl, or nix the kiddos and let your dog carry the bands! There is even well established precedent; remember in the 90s when Phoebe and Mike from Friends included their adorable pup? Seriously, what’s cuter than a puppy dressed in a dog tux walking down the aisle? NOTHING. The answer is NOTHING. Just remember, you can train a dog to walk down the aisle… Sorry feline folks, you know that a cat will take it’s own darn time meandering toward the alter over the laps of your guests.


Kimmy's Side
Some people may assert that cats are subversive creatures- you've gotta be kitten me! Cats were once worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt for a reason, and it's an undeniable fact that cats and weddings are just a purr-fect match! First of all, cats are the most graceful of animals to waltz upon this earth. Also, cats are the best at giving gifts. With a dog, your wedding gift will be buried in the backyard next to a haggard half-eaten tennis ball and bone from 1997.

Lastly, cats are far more well-mannered than dogs. Who wants to hear a chorus of barks each time a new guest enters the room? And, rest assured, cats won't slobber all over your fancy attire. Dogs may be man's best friend, but if you're getting meow-ied, cats are su-purr-ior.

Well, there you have it, folks. Which adorable side are you on??

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